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The Train Run Youth

The Train Run 1/2 Marathon 2016 – 1000 Free Youth

Aztlan Athletics Foundation is giving the first 1000 kids to run for free at the Train Run Half Marathon! Register today to reserve your registration. Youth must be able to follow the following guidelines.

Guidelines for youth (Ages 1-17)

  • Participant must be in good physical condition for this event. A reminder that this course is is a 13.1 mile course surveying different connected cities and hubs. They do not have to finish the race, and may stop off at each city hub. Adult supervision is advised and required throughout the race. They must agree to the waiver and liability requirements co-signed by an adult.
  • They must pre-register for the event online or by physical form in order to participate as a free youth runner. Please use “AztlanKids” as a promo code to receive a free registration for youth.
    It will NOT BE ALLOWED on race morning for kids (17 and under) to register under the free AztlanKids promotion on race morning. All must be registered online prior to the event.
    Day of Registration for AztlanKids will be able to register under a subsidized cost of $50
  • On race morning, they must show a valid Student ID or proof they are under 18.
  • It is highly recommended that they have ran a 5K or 10K  run previously, to ensure they can run the distance of a half marathon. They may train for the event prior using our event leading up such as the 4 Mile Hill Challenge, Mission Possible 5K/10K, Y Run 5K/10K, or Midnight Mission Run 5K/10K.
  • The race will start in South Pasadena and finishes in Duarte. Transportation may be needed following the race. Complimentary tap cards will be given out at the conclusion of the race. The course includes one train crossing, in which they must pause and resume their run after the train has crossed. The streets will be closed off, but must stay on the course throughout the race.

Register online at: www.TheTrainRun.com