Luis Lopez has served the schools of Los Angeles for over 17 years. His expertise across
various K-12 capacities as a math specialist, coordinator, administrator, and teacher fuels his
passion for healthy minds. Luis believes in allocating the best resources and human capital to
address inequities across our South LA and Watts public and charter schools. A California
State University Los Angeles and Dominguez Hills graduate, he knows that el amor a su pueblo
y su gente can create generational change. Luis is the first in his family to attain a Master’s in
school leadership.

Luis has played an instrumental role in the success of the Aztlan Athletics Foundation sports
summer camp. Leading recreational team building, and modeling healthy outdoor living habits
for the present and future benefit of various cross-country athletes and runners. He hopes his
contributions can lead to a new generation of health-conscious educators who advocate for
change and lead by example.

You can find Luis reading or hiking with his dog Juno and his family in his free time. He firmly
believes that family is not just everything, it is the only thing.