All levels welcome

We are primarily a long distance running club that works with athletes ranging from age 10 years old through master level. The club started in 1975 and has evolved into event management, youth sports camps, and an annual scholarship award. Our purpose is to help build health and wellness for youth in the community through running. We believe in fun competition and we offer personal running plans to prepare for 5k, 10k and half marathon races. For more information, reach out to one of our coaches.


– USATF certified coaches
– Free Aztlan Athletics running events
-1 practice  t-shirt
– Racing singlet 
– Discount for our youth running camps
– Group runs and practice sessions

USA membership $30 yearly: Ends on the last day of the year.
Seasonal cost $100/season (2 seasons per year)

USA membership $ 55 yearly: Ends last day of the year
$250 – 4 races, t-shirt, 2 in person sessions
$175 – 4 races, t-shirt
$100 – 2 races, t-shirt

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